Research and Publications

Niki's research and publications are on the adoption of innovations that will create value for both hospitality consumers and organisations. His research interests lie in the areas of:



• Vacation Rental Industry

• Vacation Ownership and Resort Industry

• Leisure Real Estate Buying Behavior

• Hospitality Marketing 

• Hospitality Management


A tale of three cities: Insight into the impacts of holiday rentals in France

Research in Hospitality Management 2016, 6(2):

This paper reports on the impact of vacation rentals on three destinations in France – Paris, Côte d’Azur and the Haute-Savoie.

A tale of three cities Insight into the
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Social Media & Web 2.0: Take Control of the Selling Process

ARDA Developments Magazine

The article illustrates how vacation resort developers can manage their on-line reputation and get their owners and guests to do the selling for them.

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Consumer empowerment and the impact on marketing and sales in the vacation ownership industry

Perspective Magazine North America

The article discusses how the Internet has triggered a fundamental shift in power from developers of vacation ownership resorts to consumers, and which marketing and sales implications arise from this development. 

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Buying, Having, Being: Lifestyle and Self-Concept of Today´s Affluent Consumers

Perspective Magazine

The article discusses the image preferences of affluent consumers and illustrates why understanding the lifestyle and self-concept of today´s affluent consumer is good business.

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Can These Two Functions Work Together?

ARDA Developments Magazine

The article illustrates the existing conflicts between Marketing and Sales in the vacation ownership industry, discusses their causes and provides possible solutions. 

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